Contains example programs that are showing common tasks such as license checking, updating modules, returning installed SCA module versions etc.

All samples instanciate a dca::DcaInstance first.

Then a dca::License will be created. The dca::License::isLicensed() call checks the provided license data.

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file: dca/samples/generic_samples/readme.txt - for newest updates on generic samples
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Generic samples

generic_samples: gettingstartedsample

This sample starts by initializing 3rd party libraries. Then a DcaInstance will be created. Finally a License will be created and a license check is performed. All results and used parameters will be printed out.

generic_samples: getversionsample

This sample shows how to print out the version numbers of all initialized SCA modules by using the dca::DcaInstance::getVersionInfo() function. It also shows how to instantiate a dca::DcaInstance and a dca::License object.

generic_samples: updatesample

Uses the SCA API to perform a live content update of the instantiated SCA classes. If there is any update is available, it will be downloaded and installed.

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