Getting started with the XFE SDK


If you did not actually installed the 3rd party libraries, refer to Requirements for using the XFE SDK first.

The Getting started chapter wants you to enable to setup your development system to successfully build the samples provided by the SCA.

The following section describes the files provided by the SCA, and gives an overview of the directory organization of the distribution packages.

File organization

Common Setup/Initialization Tasks

You will need to include the given header files into your C++ project, and link your project with the provided linker libraries.

To use the SCA you will need to set up process-wide initialization functions for 3rd party libraries in order to properly run the update function and license mechanisms.

Initialization of 3rd party libraries

The first step when using the SCA API is to create the dca::DcaInstance.

Initializing and Deinitializing the API

In the next step, a dca::License object must be created that is required for the initialization of the various classification modules and toolboxes.

Set up a license object


When using the


Classification module (or other modules that require a signature database), you will first need to set up a database connection. This defines where the requests will be sent to.

Setting up a Database Connection

The next section describes how to use the URL Classification module.

URL Classification

The next section describes how to use the WAC (Web Application Classification) module.

Web Application Classification (WAC)

The next section describes how to use the IPR (IP Reputation Classification) module.

IP Reputation Classification (IPR)


You will need to establish the required update tasks. The next section shows how to do this.

Content and Engine Updates, and how to implement the required tasks

Custom Database Toolbox

The SCA supports the use of a Custom Database that can be used additionally or instead of the internal URL signature database used in the URL Classification module.

Custom Database Module

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