main.cpp File Reference

Extended URL Classification using a local URL database sample program. More...

#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include "dca/dca_base.h"
#include "dca/dca_url_classification.h"
#include "dca/dca_callbacks.h"
#include "mythreads.h"
#include "schedule_event_subscriber.h"

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#define DCA_BINDIR   "bin/linux"
 DCA subdirectory of the DCA binaries.
#define DCA_INITDIR   "init"
 DCA subdirectory of the DCA initialization data.
#define DCA_LOGDIR   "./logs"
 Relative directory for logfile(s).


static void SetupInitData (const std::string &redist_folder, InitData &initData)
 Sets up the given initData by substituting the given redist_folder with DCA subdirectories.
static bool StartupLibraries ()
 Initializes 3rd party library libcurl and set up open ssl callbacks to startdard implementation.
static void ShutdownLibraries ()
 Shuts down 3rd party libraries. On Windows also WSACleanup is called to shutdown Windows sockets for this process.
static void SetupLicense (const std::string &ticket, const std::string &product, LicenseData &licenseData)
 Sets up the given licenseData by copying the given ticket and product strings.
static void SetupConnectionData (DbConnectionData &cData)
 Sets up the given cData to use a local URL database.
static void PrintResults (const CategoriesInfo &catinfos, const UrlClassificationResults &cats)
 Prints out the classification results and uses the categories info for textual representation of the matched categories.
static void PrintToolHeader ()
 Prints out the name and the version of this sample.
static void PrintUsage (const char *name)
 Prints out the syntax of the sample.
static void LoadUrlFile (const std::string &fileName, std::vector< std::string > &urlList)
 Loads given fileName and adds each line to given urlList (by deleting trailing CRLFs).
void TestUrlClassification (const std::string &aUrlListFile, const DcaInstance &myDca, const UrlDbClassifier &myUrlDbClassifier, const CategoriesInfo &myCategoriesInfo)
 Performs the URL db classification withURLs found in a given text file.
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
 The main routine.


const std::string S_ToolName = "urldbsample_extended"
const std::string S_ToolVersion = "1.3"
const std::string S_UsageString
 Usage string, displayed if a parameter was missing.

Detailed Description

Extended URL Classification using a local URL database sample program.

Definition in file url_samples/urldbsample_extended/main.cpp.

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