dca::ExDca Class Reference
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#include <base_classes.h>

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Detailed Description

Exception class used in the DCA.

This class is used in all cases where no FunctionResult is provided, but an error occurs e.g. during the construction of a DCA object.

See also:
FunctionResult, DCA Generic Error Codes, DCA Error Handling

Definition at line 236 of file base_classes.h.

Public Member Functions

std::string getDescription () const throw ()
 Returns a description of the error.
DCA_RESULT_TYPE getReturnCode () const
 Gets the code of the error.

Member Function Documentation

std::string dca::ExDca::getDescription (  )  const throw ()

Returns a description of the error.

A description of the error.
DCA_RESULT_TYPE dca::ExDca::getReturnCode (  )  const

Gets the code of the error.

The internal error code.
See also:
DCA Generic Error Codes

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