dca::ScheduleEventSubscriberIntf Class Reference
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#include <base_classes.h>

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MyIprScheduleEventSubscriber MyScheduleEventSubscriber MyUrlScheduleEventSubscriber MyWacScheduleEventSubscriber

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Detailed Description

An interface for schedule event notifications. Derive a class from this interface and implement onEvent() to receive notifications.

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Public Member Functions

virtual void onEvent (ScheduleActionType actionType, ScheduleModuleId moduleId, const std::string &version, const std::string &text)=0
 Called by the schedule framework when a schedule event occurs.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void dca::ScheduleEventSubscriberIntf::onEvent ( ScheduleActionType  actionType,
ScheduleModuleId  moduleId,
const std::string &  version,
const std::string &  text 
) [pure virtual]

Called by the schedule framework when a schedule event occurs.

[in] actionType The event type
[in] moduleId The associated module
[in] version If available, the new version number of the module, otherwise the empty string
[in] text Notification text. In case of SAT_ProgressDbDownload, the text contains the download progress as a percentage, eg "67.25"

Implemented in MyIprScheduleEventSubscriber, MyUrlScheduleEventSubscriber, MyScheduleEventSubscriber, and MyWacScheduleEventSubscriber.

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