dca::VersionInfoResultDetail Class Reference
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#include <base_versioninfo.h>

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Detailed Description

Class that contains all details of a dca::VersionInfoResult object.

Can be obtained from a dca::VersionInfoResult object.

See also:
VersionInfoResult, VersionInfoResults, DcaInstance::getVersionInfo()

Definition at line 31 of file base_versioninfo.h.

Public Member Functions

std::string component () const
std::string version () const

Member Function Documentation

std::string dca::VersionInfoResultDetail::component (  )  const

Returns the name of an underlying DCA component as std::string

Name of the internal DCA component
std::string dca::VersionInfoResultDetail::version (  )  const

Returns the version of an underlying DCA component as std::string in the following formats:
In case of data content the format is: <major>.<minor> major is the major version of the Version string, minor is an 8 character string with leading 0's e.g.: "6.00001234" - major is 6 and minor is 1234
In case of a binary component the version number consists of 3 digits separated by dots: <a>.<b>.<c> e.g. 6.2.0

Version string of the internal DCA component

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