Contains example programs showing how to set up and how to connect to a custom database.

They also show how to add and remove entries and maintain custom database updates by using the Custom Database Module Toolbox package.

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file: dca/samples/customdb_samples/readme.txt - for newest updates on custom database samples
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CustomDB samples

customdb_samples: createdbsample

Shows how to start an application without initially having a custom database, then how to create it and how to add and remove URLs from the custom database.
It also demonstrates how to use a UrlCustomDb and a UrlDbClassifier to retrieve the categorization results.

customdb_samples: customdbsample

This Custom Database sample demonstrates how to create a custom database and how to maintain it by adding and removing URLs to/from the database.

customdb_samples: customdbsample_extended

Uses a Custom Database together with an URL local database to classify a URL. Results of the custom database overwrites URL database results.
Also it shows how to invoke update and scheduling tasks on custom databases.

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