Custom Database Module Toolbox


The Custom Database Module Toolbox.

A custom database can be used in addition to or as replacement for the URL signature database.

The dca::UrlCustomDbModule class can be used to create a new custom database, or open an existing custom database.

The dca::UrlCustomDb class represents the maintainance interface for a custom database. This can be used to set, remove or retrieve individual URLs and associated categories from a custom database.

To use a custom database for URL classification, a dca::DbConnection to the database must first be created. A dca::UrlDbClassifier must then be created using this connection.

The UrlDbClassifier uses an extended logic to classify URL data, not present on the maintainance interface.

See also:
dca::DbConnection, dca::UrlDbClassifier, dca::Url


class  dca::UrlCustomDb
 Encapsulates the Custom Database maintenance interface. More...
class  dca::UrlCustomDbModule
 The Custom Database module, used to create new custom databases or open existing custom databases. More...


file  customdb_toolbox.h

Package header file for the Custom Database Module Toolbox.


typedef std::set< int > dca::CategorySet
 Basic container used for categorizations of URLs. This represents a set of category ids.

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