URL Classification


The URL Classification Package.

An instance of the package must first be created using dca::UrlClassification::create.

A URL can be classified using the dca::UrlDbClassifier class. A dca::Url object must first be created from URL data. The UrlDbClassifer analyses the URL and returns a classification as a dca::UrlClassificationResults object.

The URL must be UTF-8 encoded.

A URL can be classified into more then 50 different categories.

The URL Classification requires a connection to a URL signature database.

See also:
dca::DbConnection, dca::UrlClassification::createDbClassifier URL Classification


struct  dca::UrlDbClassifierOptions
 Sets up options for embedded URL detection and provided Feedback mechanism. More...
class  dca::UrlClassification
 Main class for the URL classification. More...
class  dca::UrlClassificationResults
 Results of an URL classification. More...
class  dca::UrlDbClassifier
 URL database classifier class. More...


file  url_classification.h

Package header file for the URL Classification module.

file  url_classification_result.h

Results of an URL classification.

file  urldb_classifier.h

URL database classifier class.


typedef DCA_CATEGORY_ID_TYPE dca::UrlClassificationResult
 The item of an URL classification result is typedef'd as DCA_CATEGORY_ID_TYPE.

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