File organization

The distribution package is partitioned in a runtime package, a development package and a documentation package.

All packages are distributed as tar.gz archives on Linux and Windows.

Examples Distributions:


SCA Runtime Package

The run time package contains the following directories:

(<platform> is either linux or Win32)


Contains the binaries of the SCA engine, such as classifiers, modules and tools.
The LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Linux) or PATH (Windows) environmental variable must be configured to include this directory!


Contains the classification and initialization data used by the classifiers and modules.

SCA Development Package

The development package contains the following directories:


Contains the header files required when using the SCA API.

The header files found in the top level include directory contain all other required include files. Only the top level include files need to be included into your project.

#include <dca_customdb_toolbox.h>
Contains the Custom Database support classes.
#include <dca_ipr_classification.h>
Contains the header files for the IP Reputation.
#include <dca_url_classification.h>
Contains the header files for the URL Classification.
#include <dca_wac_classification.h>
Contains the header files for the Web Application Classification.


Contains the linker libraries:

On Linux the extension of the libraries is .a and on Windows .lib. You must link these into your application.


Contains some samples for common tasks and shows how to use the supported classification modules.

The samples also demonstrate the general usage of the SCA API.

SCA Documentation Package

The documentation package contains the following directory:


The SCA documentation is provided in HTML format and is generated with doxygen.
Start page is: doc/html/index.html

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