dca::DbConnectionLocalData Struct Reference
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#include <base_classes.h>

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Detailed Description

Stores the connection data for a local database.

Fill out this structure if you are using a local DbConnection.

When using local databases, you will receive update files in a frequency determined by the update server. The update files will be applied to the database cache on the next call to DcaInstance::Schedule(). The local database will also be merged at regular intervals with all existing update files and replaced by the merged data.

The start time and frequency of the database merge process can be determined when creating a DbConnection by setting the parameters in this structure. The default database merge frequency is once per day.

See also:
dca::UpdateModule::performUpdate(), dca::DcaInstance::schedule()

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Public Attributes

unsigned int dbUpdateIntervalMinutes
time_t dbUpdateStartLocalTime

Member Data Documentation

This is the interval of the database merge process given in minutes. Minimum is 1, when left at 0 the default value of 24*60 (1 day) is used

Definition at line 678 of file base_classes.h.

The start time for the database merge process. If left at 0, the current time plus a small random offset is used.

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