3rd Party Libraries - How to build and setup (Windows)


IBM neither supports nor takes any warranties of the 3rd party libraries in any case.

These libraries are simply used by the SDK.

The provided scripts and makefiles are simply samples to demonstrate how the libraries can be built.

Feel free to use other makefiles or vcproj files for building.

Adjustments may be necessary to build newer versions of these libraries or to build the libraries with newer versions of Visual Studio.

Downloading and Installation Requirements

To setup the required 3rd party libraries first download the appropriate packages from the Internet and save them to the 3rd_party directory.

(On how and where to download 3rd party library packages, refer to Chapter 3rd Party Libraries)

Install cygwin for Windows by using the provided batch file cygwin-install.bat as follows:

cd C:\dca\3rd_party
cygwin-install.bat C:\cygwin

After installation all required packages of cygwin should be installed and ready-to-use.

Building 3rd Party Libraries (Windows)

When installing the devel package the directory (assuming using C:\dca as installation folder)


will be created.

Open up a Visual Studio 2008 Command prompt for 32 bit or 64 bit and start cygwin e.g. via:


At the command prompt cd into the 3rd_party directory, e.g.:

cd /cygdrive/c/dca/3rd_party

Type in the following to start the build process:

export OSSDIR="/cygdrive/c/dca/osslibs"
mkdir tmp
export TMP="$PWD/tmp"
export TEMP=$TMP
make dcabaselibs

The build process creates all packages required to run the samples.

When the build process finishes, you should find the following folders in

    + bin\
    + include\
    + libs\

These directories must be added to your include, lib and path environment variables to build the samples or any other application that uses the SDK.

Creating a CA certificate bundle (Windows)

The SDK uses the HTTPS protocol for content updates. To verify the authenticity and integrity of the license and content servers, a CA certificate bundle is used that can be created using the 3rd party makefile:

make cabundle
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