These samples show how to use the URL Classification.

It contain example programs showing how to connect to a URL database locally and remotely.

Also it contains some samples how to perform update and scheduling tasks by using multiple threads.

See also:

file: dca/samples/url_samples/readme.txt - for newest updates on URL Classification samples
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URL samples

url_samples: urldbsample_remote

Shows how to perform URL Classification using a remote URL database.

url_samples: urldbdownloadsample

Demonstrates the use of dca::DbConnection, dca::UpdateModule and dca::DcaInstance::schedule() to update a local database.

url_samples: urldbsample

This sample shows how to use URL Classification using a local URL database.

url_samples: urldbsample_extended

Shows how to use the URL Classification using a local URL database and the update and scheduling functionality in dedicated threads.

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