IBM X-Force Exchange SDK API Documentation



The IBM X-Force Exchange SDK (XFE SDK) provides a powerful and extensible API for data processing, analysis and classification.
It comprises a set of component modules, each module specializing in a particular area of data analysis, or providing support functionality for other modules.
The following sections will guide you through finding out how the SDK works, what functionality it provides, and how this functionality can be incorporated into your own projects.
Previous versions of the SDK were named "IBM Deep Content Analysis SDK" (DCA) or "IBM Security Content Analysis SDK" (SCA). Though the terms DCA or SCA will be used infrequently in this documentation.


Chapter Requirements for using the XFE SDK shows what is required to run applications using the XFE SDK and how to setup required libraries and packages.

XFE SDK Classification Packages

Lists all available XFE SDK Packages and where to use.

Getting started

Chapter Getting started with the XFE SDK demonstrates how to use the provided API, and gives an introduction on how the SDK can be easily incorporated into existing projects by using the provided code samples.


The dca/samples folder of the XFE SDK devel-package distribution contains some useful example programs which will show you how to get started, and how to build up programs with some of the XFE SDK features.
For more details see Samples

Concept of the XFE SDK API

Chapter XFE SDK API Concepts shows the overall concept of the API, it's main goals and provides a short introduction to the SDK.

Applications using the XFE SDK

Chapter Deploying Applications using the XFE SDK shows what to include in a distribution package for an application using the XFE SDK.

Best practices

Best practices when using the XFE SDK API introduces some solutions and samples showing how to implement common use cases, and discusses what to keep in mind when using the XFE SDK.

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