XFE SDK Packages

URL Classification

Takes a URL and returns all matched of the supported Web categories.
This module supports local and remote database connections.
See also:
URL Classification manual
URL Classification package

Web Application Classification (WAC)

Takes an URL and returns a matched web application and an action. It also supports a relation of a certain risk level and a common description (Tag) of a detected web application.
See also:
WAC Classification manual
WAC Classification package

IP Reputation (IPR)

Takes an IPv4 or IPv6 address and returns some useful information such as: Geo Location, Spam, Anonymous Proxies etc.
See also:
IP Reputation manual
IP Reputation package

Custom Database Module

Supports a database that can be created by the client application. The client application may store URLs to the database with own classifications. The behavior is very equal to the URL classification while the database is being filled by the client's application.
It can be used to easily support an overwrite customizable mechanism.
See also:
Custom database manual
Custom database package

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