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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
dca::CategoriesDefinition of a container class for Category objects
dca::CategoriesInfoA container class that allows access to the contained Categories, Groups and Locales
dca::CategoriesInfoInitDataInitialization struct that defines where to find the associated Categories, Groups and Locales definitions
dca::CategoryEncapsulates a category as defined in the categories XML schema (see Categories XML: Categories)
dca::DatabaseInformationContains information about underlying database
dca::DbConnectionDatabase connection class for a local or remote database
dca::DbConnectionCustomDataClass to store the Database connection data for a custom database
dca::DbConnectionDataStores the connection data for a database
dca::DbConnectionLocalDataStores the connection data for a local database
dca::DbConnectionRemoteServerDataStores the remote server data for the connection to a remote database
dca::DcaInstanceEncapsulates the init and deinit of the DCA API
dca::EmailEncapsulates an email object
dca::ExDcaException class used in the DCA
dca::FunctionResultStandard function result
dca::GroupEncapsulates a group as defined in the related categories XML schema (see Categories XML: Groups)
dca::GroupsDefinition of a container class for Group objects
dca::HtmlTextEncapsulates an HTML text object
dca::InitDataThis structure is used to initialize the DcaInstance
dca_ipr::IpDefinition of the Ip class
dca_ipr::IprCategoriesDefinition of a container class for IprCategory objects
dca_ipr::IprCategoriesInfoContainer class for all IPR enumeration objects
dca_ipr::IprCategoryThe IprCategory class contains information for a single category. An IP address can be assigned to one or more categories
dca_ipr::IprClassificationDefinition of the IprClassification class
dca_ipr::IprClassificationResultThe result item of a IPR classification
dca_ipr::IprClassificationResultsDefinition of the IprClassificationResults class
dca_ipr::IprClassifierDefintion of the IprClassifier class
dca_ipr::IprClassifierOptionsSets up options for the IPR classification
dca_ipr::IprEnumThe IprEnum class describes a single enumerable item, for example the Geo Location "Greenland"
dca_ipr::IprEnumsDefinition of a container class for IprEnum objects
dca_ipr::IprLocaleEncapsulation of a locale class, which allows access to the language id and the display name of locale definitions
dca_ipr::IprLocalesDefinition of a container class for IprLocale objects
dca_ipr::Ipv4Definition of the Ipv4 class
dca_ipr::Ipv6Definition of the Ipv6 class
dca::LicenseUse a License to initialize a classification package or a toolbox package
dca::LicenseDataIs used to create a License object. A license first must be created with DcaInstance::createLicense to initialize a classification module or a toolbox package
dca::LocaleEncapsulation of a locale class, which allows access to the language id and the display name of locale definitions (see Categories XML: Locales)
dca::LocalesDefinition of a container class for Locale objects
MyIprScheduleEventSubscriberExample implementation of a schedule event subscriber
MyScheduleEventSubscriberExample implementation of a schedule event subscriber
MyUrlScheduleEventSubscriberExample implementation of a schedule event subscriber
MyWacScheduleEventSubscriberExample implementation of a schedule event subscriber
dca::OptionsGeneric option class, used to set up optional options for several classes, modules etc
dca::OptionValueGeneric encapsulation of a value used in Options objects
dca::ProxySettingsIf you are using one or more proxy servers set up this structure and use it for e.g. the creation of a DbConnection
dca::ScheduleEventSubscriberIntfAn interface for schedule event notifications. Derive a class from this interface and implement onEvent() to receive notifications
dca::UpdateModuleThe update module is used to download and install DCA content and engine updates
dca::UpdateResultEncapsulates one of the results of an update process
dca::UpdateResultDetailEncapsulates the details of a result of an update process
dca::UpdateResultsEncapsulates the results of an update process
dca::UrlEncapsulates a URL object
dca::UrlClassificationMain class for the URL classification
dca::UrlClassificationResultsResults of an URL classification
dca::UrlCustomDbEncapsulates the Custom Database maintenance interface
dca::UrlCustomDbModuleThe Custom Database module, used to create new custom databases or open existing custom databases
dca::UrlDbClassifierURL database classifier class
dca::UrlDbClassifierOptionsSets up options for embedded URL detection and provided Feedback mechanism
dca::VersionInfoResultClass that contains all details of type dca::VersionInfoResult object
dca::VersionInfoResultDetailClass that contains all details of a dca::VersionInfoResult object
dca::VersionInfoResultsClass that contains all version information of all initialized DCA modules
dca_wac::WacActionThe WacAction class represents a given action of an application e.g. UPLOAD FILE, ADD ATTACHMENT, DOWNLOAD FILE etc
dca_wac::WacActionsDefinition of a container class for WacAction objects
dca_wac::WacApplicationThe WacApplication class represents a given application e.g. HOTMAIL, GMAIL etc
dca_wac::WacApplicationsDefinition of a container class for WacApplication objects
dca_wac::WacCategoriesInfoContainer class for all WAC enumeration objects
dca_wac::WacClassificationDefintion of the WacClassification class
dca_wac::WacClassificationResultDefinition of the WacClassificationResult class
dca_wac::WacClassifierDefintion of the WacClassifier class
dca_wac::WacClassifierOptionsSets up options for the WAC classification
dca_wac::WacInputDataDefinition of the WacInputData class
dca_wac::WacTagThe WacTag class represents a given tag that is associated with an application e.g. HIGH BANDWIDTH, RISKLEVEL_1 etc
dca_wac::WacTagsDefinition of a container class for WacTag objects

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